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Six naan recipes to serve with curry

Six naan recipes to serve with curry

While curry is delicious on its own, warm, fresh naan is the perfect accompaniment for dipping in the sauce - plus it’s easy to make from scratch! I’ve assembled six of my favorite naan, or commonly called flatbread, recipes here, each one slightly different but all great for serving with curry.

P.S: If you’re looking for a good goat curry recipe, check out my Slow Cooker Goat Tikka Masala or Goat Vindaloo.


Six Flatbread Recipes for Curry

The Cinnamon Jar's Homemade Peshwari Naan Bread


With a sweet and nutty filling kneaded in, Peshwari naan pairs perfectly with the rich flavors of goat curry. The glaze really puts it over the top!


My Morning Mocha's Flour and Water Flatbread

These four-ingredient flatbreads are incredibly easy to make and with no yeast required, save serious time when I’m in a rush to get dinner on the table.


J Cooking Odyssey's Round and Soft Gujarati Rotlis

Another yeast-free recipe, these rotlis are true to their name with a soft and tender texture that’s perfect for dipping in curry. 


Home Cooking Collective's Easy Homemade Chapati

You might find atta flour to be a little tricky to source but it’s worth seeking out to enjoy these easy to make chapatis with a distinct toasted flavor.


Naan Flat Bread

This is my easy, go-to recipe to pair with both curry and our goat gyro meat. If you’ve got a bread machine it’s even easier to make!


Strength and Sunshine's Easy Gluten-Free Naan

What this recipe lacks in dairy or eggs it more than makes up for in a soft and chewy texture with a great charred flavor. We've got a GF kid in the house and these are a huge winner!


Elevate your curry recipe with curry cubes from our family’s farm, Cylon Rolling Acres.



Photos used with permission.

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