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On the farm, I'm raising Boer-Kiko cross meat goats on pasture. During most of the year the goats are rotationally grazed on their 140-acre farm. Today the herd includes about 70 breeding stock and is still growing. Each spring my herd numbers can double or even triple with kidding season since goats typically have twins.

While Scott grew up on a dairy farm, the opportunity to use his family's farm wasn't in the picture for us for a variety of reasons. So after working many years in another career field, I made the transition to first-generation farmer when we purchased our farm ten years ago. 

The first few years Scott and I spent building new fence, putting in seasonal water line, installing animal walkways, and updating the tired outbuildings and farmhouse on the retired dairy farm. Later I purchased our foundation herd of Boer goats and has been growing the herd ever since.

I'm often asked why I raise goats. I didn't grow up raising goats, but I wanted to find the right market for our farm to serve since we were starting from scratch. After doing a little research and talking with others, I learned there's a growing demand for goat meat because of our country's cultural demographics. At the same time, goat meat can be hard to find in the grocery store, or if it is available, it is often imported from thousands of miles away. I want to help families be able to more easily have goat meat on the menu for family celebrations or even as a regular meal option.

I also love to share my passion for raising meat goats and grazing through social media (@cylonrollingacres on both Instagram and Facebook), blogging and giving workshops and presentations on related topics.

I'm so glad you're here and found our farm.

Leslie Svacina, owner and farmer at Cylon Rolling Acres

P.S. If you're looking for more information on farming practices and how we're raising meat goats using regenerative grazing, head over to my farming blog at