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2024 Farm Club Enrollment is closed

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Unfortunately, we are only able to open enrollment for Farm Club annually. As a small farm we need to plan ahead to make sure we are able to serve our Farm Club members throughout the year. If we were to open up any more memberships outside the enrollment period it will be only for those who have signed up for the waitlist. You can find the waitlist here. 

If you’re within an hour drive of our farm and would like to pick up your Farm Club order, please email hello@cylonrollingacres.com to arrange for your membership to be a local pick up

Sign up for our waitlist on this page. This list will be notified first when enrollment opens in March 2025.

If in the event there are openings during the year, this list will be notified .

When you enroll, you’ll get a welcome email with a cuts preference form to fill out. We will pack your box based on our inventory available and will do our best to add those cuts when available. However, we may not be able to honor these requests for every box.

All whole goats are cut and packaged to standard cuts, which includes legs, roasts, chops, rib chops, shanks, bone in stew meat, ground and organ meat. 

At the time of enrollment you’ll lock in the price of your chosen Farm Club box. Box prices may increase in subsequent years for new members. 

Yes, all of our meat is cut and packaged by a USDA butcher who flash freezes it for optimal freshness. We are unable to ship fresh, unfrozen meat, since the safest way to deliver meat is frozen. By shipping frozen meat with dry ice or ice packs, this ensures your meat stays cold throughout the shipping time