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October 11, 2022 2 min read

Now that the seasons are transitioning into fall, comfort food is becoming a common craving around our house. I know it’s not that cold out yet, but it’s a satisfying feeling of filling your stomach with something warm and flavorful that does it for me. 

Our new goat bolognaise recipe is the perfect fit for the changing seasons. It’s an Italian-ragu inspired tomato-based meat sauce over a bed of noodles. You can find the full recipe on our goat meat recipe library here on our website, and the farm-raised ground goat meat on our online store

Thank you to Chef Sarah Mittelstadt of the Farm Table Restaurant in Amery, Wis., for creating this wonderful goat meat recipe for our farm.


About Sarah

Sarah Mittelstadt is the Chef and Kitchen Manager at Farm Table Foundation, a nonprofit restaurant that seeks to grow local food culture out of Amery, WI. Sarah studied Food Systems at the University of Minnesota but fell in love with feeding people as she learned to sling bison burgers and Thai curry from the Chef Shack food truck in Minneapolis. For her, the food at Farm Table restaurant brings full circle the relationship between farmers and the land that she studied in school and the good and nourishing food she learned to surround herself with. She is absolutely committed to a homesteader’s kitchen model that creatively preserves and utilizes local fruits, vegetables, grains, and animals throughout the year. Sarah also places great importance on food that is embedded with cultural tradition and meaning—which she immerses herself in through travel (Thailand, Norway, Ireland, etc.). 

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