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Goat Meat: A Great Keto/Carnivore-Friendly Option

Many years ago when I was fresh out of college and figuring out my life as a young professional, I signed up for yoga classes taught by Maria Emmerich, who's now become a well known in the Keto and Carnivore nutrition space.

Her teaching and ethos surrounding health and wellness back then really resonated with me and I ended up purchasing her first cookbook and nutrition guide. I’ve kept up with her work as her following has grown and the work she's doing to help so many through in their wellness journey through the keto and carnivore diet.

Recently I also had the pleasure of partnering with Maria and her business, Keto Adapted, for a promotion of goat meat as a great animal protein option for those following Keto and Carnivore diets. Here’s why:

Goat meat is nutritious

Goat meat is known for being an incredibly nutrient-dense red meat. A serving size of 100 g or 3 ounces contains just 3 g of fat and only 143 calories (kcal) as compared to other meats. And when it comes to protein, it packs a punch at 27.1 g per serving, which is more than half the recommended daily value as determined by the USDA. This combination makes it an excellent choice for protein sparing days.

Furthermore, goats that are raised on pasture rather than fed grain (such as ours) make for even more nutritious meat. Studies have shown that a diet of grass and forage contributes to healthier goat meat with less saturated fats, more heart-healthy polyunsaturated fats and an increased level of essential nutrients like vitamins A and E.

It’s a strong rival for beef

When it comes to Keto and Carnivore cooking many focus heavily on beef but don’t count goat meat out! Compared to beef, goat meat is a great source of protein and nutrients while having less fat and fewer calories.

Goat meat is easy and fun to cook with

Goat meat is as delicious as it is nutritious and is easily adaptable to all of your favorite recipes. If you’re familiar with cooking lamb, it follows a similar approach:


  • For steaks and chops, grilling or frying in a cast iron pan works great. Broiling works too. Cook until it hits 135 F degrees and then let rest for a few minutes until it reaches 145 F. Adjust temp to your desired doneness - using a meat thermometer is a great tool to avoid the risk of overcooking.
  • Slow and low is the way to go for cuts such as roasts, shanks and leg. Use a slow cooker, electric pressure cooker or even a Dutch oven in your oven.


In general, lamb recipes can be just a simple sub. For beef recipes, any recipe with ground beef can just be a simple sub for ground goat.

Any recipe with larger cuts that is slow cooked should be adjusted for a longer cook time. You can use my free Cooking with Goat Meat Guide as a reference for different cooking methods/times.

Maria Emmerich has a wealth of keto/carnivore recipes that lend themselves well to swapping in goat meat. Here are some great options:


Recipes on Maria's website


Recipes from Maria's books

Note: I'm going off the ones I have in my own kitchen. There are likely more options to work from too! 

Carnivore ebook

  • pg. 88 Liver Bacon Meatballs
  • pg. 91 Prosciutto Wrapped Meatballs
  • pg. 109 Carnivore Moussaka 

Keto Instant Pot

  • pg. 150 Lamb Vindaloo
  • pg 176 Spaghetti bolognese 
  • pg. 178 Barbacoa - longer cook time
  • pg 206 Pot sticker bowls

 Keto Restaurant Favorites

  • pg. 54 pot stickers
  • pg. 210 carne en su jugo
  • pg. 216 easy burrito bowls
  • pg. 258 Thai curry stew
  • pg. 276 Kofta with Cilantro Sauce 

Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking

  • pg. 280 20-minute ground lamb casserole 
  • pg. 282 grilled lamb chops with mint aioli 

Keto Comfort Foods

  • pg. 202 Skillet Moussaka 
  • pg .206 Gyro Loaf with tzatziki sauce
  • pg. 222 Greek burgers with feta dressing
  • pg. 230 French dip sandwiches  

Protein-Sparing Modified Fast Method

  • pg.108 Asian Style Meatballs
  • pg. 114 BBQ meatballs. 

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