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Roots so Deep: How livestock + soil can help climate change

How we farm and taking care of our land is at the core of how we farm. One of the ways we do that is using a regenerative farming practice called rotational grazing. It’s where we move our goats to new sections of our pastures every few days.

The process is essentially mimicking the grazing patterns of bison from long ago. There are a lot of great benefits for not only our animals and pastures, but also the environment around our farm, including the entire ecosystem with the soil, insects, microorganisms, wildlife and so on. 

This is why I’m SO excited to share the release of the documentary called Roots so Deep. The four-part series is about innovative farmers and ranchers and “maverick” scientists who are working on solving climate change with livestock and soil.

Roots so Deep is produced by Peter Byck of Arizona State University, who brings together stories of farmers who are livestock and their neighbors who are using generational practices of farming, along with scientists to measure and compare what’s happening on the farms. 

I had a chance to preview the first episode and I can’t wait to watch the rest of it with my family now that it is released. What makes this project extra special is that it includes comprehensive research that’s multidisciplinary. It is collaborative amongst universities, researchers, government agencies, and more. 

Peter does an excellent job bringing it all together through storytelling so the data is easy to understand, as well as the work of the farm families. Rather than a bunch of negative hype, it’s focused on real solutions. 

I first learned about Peter’s work when I watched his earlier documentary series Soil Carbon Cowboys (available on YouTube) four years ago. The series follows the same concept of work of farmers and ranchers and scientists as Roots So Deep. 


Watch the trailer


Watch the series here

Rent it at https://rootssodeep.org/

Why is the documentary only available for rent or not on a major streaming service? It’s a way to directly support the project and continued research


Learn more about the project

Learn more about the documentary, the research and more https://rootssodeep.org/

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