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October 27, 2022 1 min read

“Part of the pleasure of eating is one’s accurate consciousness of the lives and the world, from which food comes” - Wendell Berry

I love Wendell Berry's use of words when it comes to food, eating, and even agriculture. The three are so intertwined. At its core, food nourishes our bodies. It’s what gives energy and satiates our hunger and satisfies our palette.

Goat Meat vs. Beef Protein Content

Did you know that goat is a very nutrient-dense red meat? It’s a strong rival for beef. In fact, it is really close in comparison. Goat meat has 27.1 grams of protein, while beef has 28.6 grams of protein (USDA).

goat meat nutrition vs beef nutrition


More on goat meat nutrition information

If you take a look at my new Goat Meat Nutrition Guide, you'll see the comparison breakdown between the two proteins. Don’t worry, this isn’t about beef vs. goat meat, our family eats our share of beef too and both offer a multitude of different meal options and recipes. But I raise the comparison since beef is often esteemed as the animal protein of choice because of its nutrients. Well, goat is right up there too. 

You can get my new, free Goat Meat Nutrition through the form below.

The 3-page informational guide on goat meat nutrition includes:
✔️ nutritional profile of goat meat
✔️ top ten essential nutrients in goat meat
✔️ benefits of grass fed goat meat
✔️ how goat meat stacks up against beef


Get the Nutrition Guide Here.