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Sliced Gyro

One pound of slice gyro from our pasture-raised Boer Kiko cross goats, blended with 20% beef. Thaw and reread for an easy-to-prep meal. 

Weight and sizes:

  • Standard: 12 oz.   |   $13.05
  • End Cuts: 12 oz   |  $11.75

    Ingredients: Goat, beef, water, seasonings (salt, hydrolyzed soy flour& whey protein blend, dehydrated garlic & onion, spices [including ground mustard], corn syrup solids, whole mustard seed, dextrose, citric acid, dehydrated green onion, natural spice extracts), potato starch

    Contains: Soy, milk
    60% goat, 40% beef blend

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