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Farm Club: Graziers Choice Box

A quarterly (every-three-months) or twice-a-year delivery of our pasture-raised goat meat. This box has all the possibilities of cuts in your box. Let us know your preferences and we will pack it as best we can based on your preferences, as well as available inventory and cut value.

Just pick your box size: Regular, about 8 lbs. and Family, about 16 lbs., and pick how often you want your box delivered, every quarter (4 times a year at every three months), or twice a year (every 6 months).

Pricing is based on 8 lbs. at $18/lb. for the regular size, and 16 lbs. at $18/lb. for the family size.

As a member of our Farm Club, you are our first priority. We custom pack your box based on your preferences and are happy to add extra cuts to your subscription box without paying for extra shipping. We also offer you first chance to order our meat when we restock our online store each month if you need to order in between subscription boxes.

Shipping and Delivery Schedule
All subscription boxes will ship on the second week of the quarter (the month listed below), regardless of when your order is placed. If a major holiday affects shipping, we will ship the following week.

  • January
  • April
  • July
  • October

An email reminder will go out a week before your order ships as a courtesy to know when to expect your box.

Note: Cards will be charged on the first of the month that your box ships. For example, the July box will be charged on July 1.

What’s in the Box
Here’s a sample breakdown of what you’ll get in your Graziers Choice Box. We can customize your box based on your preferences, as well as our inventory of cuts and cut weights.

  • Premium cuts: Rib chops, chops, and leg of goat. About 2 lbs. for the regular and 4 lbs. for the family size.
  • Assorted cuts: Roast, shanks, neck roast, steaks. About 2 lbs. for the regular and 4 lbs. for the family size.
  • Stew meat and ground meat: About 4 lbs. for the regular size and 8 lbs. for the family size.

Let us know your preferences for cuts in the different categories. We will do our best to pack your box with those preferences based on inventory and cut weights.

Farm Club Perks

  • Free or reduced shipping for the subscription box: Zone 1 (Wisconsin and Minnesota) and Zone 2 ship free. Zone 3 and 4 receive half price shipping based on our flat rate shipping rates. See Zones and Rates here.
  • First priority: Our Farm Club members will get first chance at our restock of inventory each month. You can have the option to add additional cuts to your scheduled box without extra shipping, or first access to our inventory of goat meat if you want to place another order outside of your subscription box.
  • Source your goat meat hassle-free: Have your goat meat delivered to your doorstep to ensure you have it on hand without needing to find a grocery store that carries it.
  • Best value: By helping us better plan for your cooking needs, we’re able to offer you the best value on our goat meat.
  • Customize your preferences: Let us know your preferences and we’ll do our best to fulfill those preferences based off weight, inventory and price.
  • No obligations: You can pause, skip, or cancel at any time before your next delivery. However, as a courtesy, we ask that you stay in the Farm Club for at least two boxes over the year.


Our goat meat is always

  • Pasture-raised, using rotational grazing and regenerative farming practices
  • 100% Wisconsin-raised goat meat
  • USDA inspected and labeled
  • Hand-cut, individually wrapped and vacuum sealed

Enrollment in our Farm Club Subscription Program is now open and closes March 28.

Enrollment will not open again until March 2025.


We ship on the second and fourth week of the month on Mondays/Tuesdays.

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*After placing an order, look in your order confirmation email, which includes a link to schedule your pickup date and time.