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Goat Neck Roast

A neck roast from our Boer Kiko Cross goats raised on pasture using rotational grazing and regenerative farming practices. Cut bone-in for optimal flavor,

Weight and sizes:

  • Small: 0.75-0.99   |   $13.69
  • Medium: 1-1.49 lb.   |   $18.25
  • Large: 1.5-1.99 lb.   |   $27.38
  • Grande: 2-3 lb.    |    $36.50

Price per pound:

  • Priced at $18.25/lb., with size options priced based on the lowest of the size weight range.

Note: Last shipping dates for 2023 are Nov. 28, Dec. 12

We ship on the second and fourth week of the month on Mondays/Tuesdays (2023 dates will be updated soon).

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